07-03 / 2019

Improvement and inspiration through the Biofore Site™
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For many years, UPM Raflatac factories have operated third-party certified environmental management systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard to ensure continual environmental performance improvement. The Biofore Site concept builds on this foundation and expands it to include also economic and social aspects

Since the piloting in 2017, each factory has created a unique path to improve their scorecard performance. From installing LED lighting on the factory buildings to installing electric car-charging stations, UPM Raflatac factory teams continue to find new and exciting ways to further concept. A multi-parameter Biofore Site scorecard, based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is used to monitor each factory’s progress.

As a company-wide sustainability initiative, the Biofore Site concept is part of everyday work at UPM Raflatac. Employees are encouraged to suggest improvement ideas on how to improve sustainability performance and how to better engage with local communities. The concept addresses sustainability holistically by measuring leadership, employee engagement, resource consumption, waste generation, community involvement, and employee safety.

The Biofore Site concept also supports business growth and opens doors for sales. The concept resonates with brand owners and customers who are ever more conscious of consumers’ environmental and sustainability awareness. The Biofore Site concept, quantified using the scorecard, provides tangible evidence for brand owners seeking to verify high performance in responsible sourcing and low risk in their supply chains.